I have been looking for the best email marketing software that fits my needs perfectly, and finally after testing many services i found the perfect one. i will tell you how to easily make over 50,000 dollars per month! all you need is Aweber.

In this article, i'm going to tell you many hacks that few people know about, but that make it the best in the email marketing category! So let's get started...

Aweber is one of the most popular email marketing tools, if you're looking for something simple and straightforward, it will allow you to come up with a fantastic strategy for nurturing and transforming lead, Aweber can definitely help.

This easy to use software is great for beginners and professionals, Aweber is compelling because it truly focuses on being the top choice for email marketing in the current marketplace designed specifically for interpreters and small businesses Aweber transforms marketing experiences and continually updates information to keep it competitive in this crowded market. 


Campaign Management :  

The biggest question you should have when choosing an email marketing platform is how easy is it to create a professional email and send it?!

fortunately the Aweber campaign manager launches with a drag and drop editor, this means you don't need to know anything about coding, and you have the ability to design automated campaigns that come out at a specific time periods, so if you want to send an automated email to every new e-commerce client it only takes a minute to set up.

 Automated follow-up:

Also one of my favorite features is the automated email distribution based on customer activity, for example if a customer comes to your website and buys a product you can send them a thank you message if they don't return in two months, Aweber has couponing tools to bring people back to the store.

 Solid registration forms:

Integration with most ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce this is not a problem in Aweber, and the registration forms you post on your online store are quick to set up and have a beautiful grant, this helps you to grow your list quickly.

Subscriber Segmentation :

anyone who runs an online store knows the importance of customer segmentation sending white emails to everyone will bring fewer conversions, so Aweber has comprehensive tools to segment the people on your list, maybe you have people you think are VIPs! maybe you like sending emails to people who haven't been to your store for a long time! however there is room for this segmentation.

 Remarkable e-commerce integrators:

from Paypal to Etsy to Shopify to Woocommerce... Aweber has an onslaught of tool integrations that are sure to come along on your ecommerce journey, for example you can get an email registration form on your woocommerce powered wordpress sign, there is not only a plugin for this but it only takes a minute to combine and place it on specific areas of your site.

 tracking: Clicks and openings are included in email analytics, see which products people are most interested in, and in turn signature lists based on thereports that come from email newsletters.

Email Templates :

One of the most important features provided by an email marketing tool is a simple broadcast creation strategy, fortunately Aweber offers one of the largest email newsletters and classified templates on the market, there are actually hundreds available including HTML templates that can be customized to suit your needs.

If the wide range of email templates wasn't enough to impress! Aweber also provides over 700 different sign-up forms to help you build your email list from the start, these forms are available to post in your social media blog page, website, and elsewhere, so there is a good chance you will find some templates on Aweber that seem pretty outdated, you can always customize the templates you don't like, using the intuitive email editor tools, these features give you the ability to upload images to a template, add a logo and more.


One particularly attractive feature of Aweber email templates is that you get a lot of control over defined options more than you usually get from most email marketing solutions.

So the ability to access web funds in Aweber means you can provide an experience that is very different from the basic universal options provided by most email options, most software solutions come with several save funds to choose from that's all! these make it difficult to stand out in a crowded mailbox, another great feature of using custom fonts is that you can achieve more consistency by using the same fonts found on your website and blogs.

RSS Converter :

Another great feature about Aweber is that it comes with software that can convert the RSS feed on your website into newsletters, that you can deliver to your audience on a specific schedule, this is known as blog broadcast on Aweber, but you don't need to focus on just using it for your blog.

Visibility to make the most of RSS feeds is especially useful for bloggers who want subscribers to their mailing list, to automatically receive updates with newsletters containing the latest information they share online, if you tend to update your site with blogs and news quite often and want to share this information with your subscribers Aweber can save you a lot of time.

It's important to note that you won't be able to use the same templates on Aweber for your RSS content as you would for your other emails, there are special templates for RSS emails that you need to stick to.

Autoresponder :

While an email template can be important to your overall customer communication strategy there are several things more attractive to today's business than an autoresponder feature. autoresponders in your email marketing tools allow you to automate the way you reach your target market based on specific triggers. 

For example you can automatically send all your subscribers an instant email from the moments they register on your list, if you want to improve your chances of success you can also provide them with the ability to follow you on social media, send a promo code for a quick purchase.

Typical autoresponders are very easy to create and are great for new buys to email marketing, however launching your autoresponder based on purchases and user actions is not easy! sure you can create goals or link automation rules to send emails in specific ways, but you won't get the complete strategic solution for creating unique connections with your audience that you would get from other competitors.

Integration :

The wide range of integration gives companies more options to empower their email marketing tools, what's more now that modern companies use a huge selection of marketing software including things like CRM and blogging tools, it makes sense to invest in email marketing services that work well for others.

Aweber connects to a myriad of other cloud-based tools like web developers, Wordpress, and Wix, also with RSS solutions like Salesforce, also landing page tools like Instapage and others. 

Depending on the integration you choose, Aweber's offerings can be quite advanced, for example some come with a piece of code and you can add to your website while others have unique widgets. The Aweber integration is far-reaching and the site even has a handy search feature to help you find the right options, for example you can flip through the available integrations by category such as CRM, content management, landing pages, lead generation, membership and more.


Overall Automation :

There are several things currently in email software that are more important than the right automation solution! Aweber is pretty good when it comes to taking the email marketing headache off your shoulders... So Aweber gives you the ability to create your own sales and marketing flow charts for emails and interactions take place based on user actions like email openings, sign visits, link clicks, and more.

Overall Aweber's automation solutions go a little further than auto responders! which is great! there is even the ability to access features through avapers campaigns, this allows you to initiate certain user actions such as clicks, and openings, also is possible to add specific tags to your segments to determine what content should be sent to which customers. 

Optimize and Improve :

An important part of updating your email strategy is to ensure that your messages are regularly optimized and improved, you can do this in several ways using Aweber.

So most email marketing programs including Aweber will come with options that will allow you to make the most of your A-B testing strategy, while you don't get the widest range of split testing options with Aweber you get enough to make some changes to your campaigns, in the messages section of the control panel there is a split test feature for your emails, this will allow you to specify who you want to send test emails to and more, you can only test three variants at a time, but remember you generally don't want to test too many variations at once in your split tests as this can lead to even more confusion.

Analytics and Segmenting Data :

Another great way to take your email marketing strategy to the next level is with some reporting and analytics. Email analytics in Aweber is pretty high-end, you can track a whole host of fantastic metrics including open rate, clicks, and email buttons.

It is also possible to view other useful information such as the increase in the list of email addresses over time, and registration methods and much more, you can also find out where people open your emails and what previous actions the content has done, for example have they bought things from you before. Another solution for companies looking to optimize their email marketing strategies is to use segmentation, the more you segment your email marketing data and subscribers the easier it is to send personalized and personalized messages to your audience, with Aweber you can create segments based on the contents of various fields in your database, such as open emails, pages visited, links that were clicked...

It's a little tricky to figure out how you get to the screen where you create your segments, as you have to search through the dashboard and not do everything right on the list page.

One big problem with the segmentation features in Aweber is that you cannot broadcast emails to multiple segments at the same time, this can be a little problematic if you have multiple segments that need to overlap to create a more specific marketing strategy, you will also get in trouble if you are trying to exclude certain segments from your marketing campaigns.

Ongoing Support :

Online shops need ongoing support! so that they don't lose money due to broken emails, fortunately Aweber has one of the best teams in the business, and they offer live customer support via live chat, or phone, you can also send an email.

The main reason i love their support so much is the sheer amount of resources listed on their websites, for example a knowledge base is for doing your own research and free webinars and video tutorials work well to get a better understanding of the system.

The system status is always displayed on the website and you can access to: marketing guides, success stories, infographics, and their blogs for updates information and guides, overall Aweber touches on pretty much anything you would expect in terms of support.

30-Day Free Trial :

The 30-day free trial is for those who would like to get started, and see exactly what it has to offer this has changed from a shorter one dollar trial period in the past making it much more competitive in the market, Aweber offers 6 different payment plans, making it much easier for you to save money and get the plan that suits your business best.

What Aweber pricing plans you can choose?

19$ per month get:

  • Support for up to 500 subscribers.
  • Unlimited emails.
  • Automation segmentation analytics.
  • Customer support.
  • Sign up forms integration image hosting.
  • Over 6 000 stock photos.
  • Over 700 templates.
  • Educational resources.

29$ per month get:

  • Support for 501 to 2500 subscribers.
  • Plus all the features included in the previous plan (19$ plan)

49$ per month get:

  • Support from two 2501 to 5000 subscribers.
  • Plus all the features included in the previous plan (29$ plan)

69$ per month get:

  • Support from 5001 to 10000 subscribers.
  • Plus all the features included in the previous plan (49$ plan)

149$ per month get:

  • Support from 10001 to 25000 subscribers.
  • Plus all the features included in the previous plan (69$ plan)

You should talk to them if you need over 25000 subscribers support, also keep in mind that quarterly and annual billing cycles are available if you need them.