How To Start Facebook Dropshipping for 0$ in 2021

Can you really start drop shipping on Facebook marketplace for zero dollars? that's what im gonna show you in this article with 6 steps...

Step 1: The Facebook Marketplace

I really believe that this is one of the simplest ways to get started as a complete beginner if you're looking for a way to break into e-commerce and start your online business with no experience and very little money. In this article i'm going to show you exactly everything you need to start a successful Facebook drop shipping business.

So the first thing you need is a Facebook account it's completely free just sign up, if you already have a Facebook account don't start a new one just use it, when you start selling on Facebook marketplace your items will actually be hidden from your friends, so they don't see that you're trying to do this. When you sign up for Facebook you're going to get access to Facebook marketplace.

So, you're gonna see many different products in, a ton of them from used products to new products to people doing drop shipping, so you can start buying stuff or start selling stuff, it doesn't cost you any money to sign up for them, Facebook marketplace is immediately different than other platforms like Amazon! if you start selling on Amazon they charge you a fee just to become a seller and on Ebay there is a free option, but you get benefits to having a paid subscription with them as a seller so they get you to start paying a monthly fee, but nothing like that exists here on Facebook you'll start selling no matter what level you're it's always going to be free for you to sell on Facebook marketplace.

Step 2: Products Research

So since you have access to Facebook marketplace the next thing you have to do is start finding products that you want to liste for sale, and the way that i recommend is if you already sell on Ebay or Amazon the products that are doing well on there will probably do well on Facebook marketplace just list it. but if you're not selling on another platform that's okay because we can still use that information to find great items to list on Facebook marketplace so i'll show you how i do this...

On Ebay i search for a brand that only Walmart sell it, because Walmart is one of the suppliers that i use, after that i see all Walmart's products that are being sold and selling well on Ebay so it's gonna sell well on Facebook marketplace as well. So what i'm going to do is find this product on Walmart and (drop-ship it) list it for sale on Facebook marketplace, that is a free product research method.

Step 3: Source The Product

The next thing to do is source the product, and the cool thing are these other retailers like Walmart and Amazon you can set up accounts with them completely for free, but some of hidden fees start to come in because all these retail websites they have subscription services that give you some great benefits... for example, Amazon has Amazon Prime and Walmart has Walmart plus, so we use those subscriptions services and they're really helpful and beneficial, especially with drop shipping.

[CLick here to start 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime]

The great thing about those subscriptions services is the price is very low compare to the value that you get, is 12.99$ a month for Amazon Prime and 12.95$ for Walmart plus. So why i need to sign up for services? Because you're gonna get fast free delivery on all of your orders i really mean every order!, with the amazing benefits it's definitely worth it. but you don't need this to start.

To list the item for sale on Facebook marketplace,  just click on Create new listing and do the whole listing process it's simple and that charge you anything is completely free, Facebook gonna never start to charge you to list items, so you can just keep listing and listing.

Step 4: Facebook Messenger app

The next thing i recommend for you to get is the Facebook Messenger app for your phone, it's really easy way for potential customers to message you, so they can ask you for example:

-Will you take a little bit less for this item?
-When is this item available?
-How long will it take to ship to me?
-What color is this item?...

Because the customers have questions about the item and the faster you can answer those questions the more likely they are going to purchase from you, so make sure you get the Facebook Messenger app on your phone.

Step 5: Fees

The next thing is sell your item and when that's happens you will see Facebook charges you 5% fee for that item, but it's still a small fee comparing with Amazon that charges sellers 15%, and eBay that charges 9%! in fact 5% is the lowest fee i've seen on any marketplace. So when you list the item up for sale on Facebook marketplace make sure that you cover this 5% fee for really make a profit, and you have a little other costs involved unless you sign up for those subscriptions services like Amazon Prime or Walmart Plus.

Step 6: Fulfill The Order

The next thing to do is we have to fulfill the order, so all you're going to do is add the item to your cart and ship it to the customer. The only caveat here is the Facebook does not release the money to you right away, they first require that you upload a tracking number for shows that the item was delivered, and 5 business days later Facebook releases the money to you. If the tracking number doesn't show that the item was delivered, Facebook will release the money to you after 21 days.

So what you need is a really solid credit card preferably a cash back credit card, you use it to fulfill the orders on your suppliers website like Walmart or Amazon, and then you get cash back for that order, when Facebook releases the money to you, then use that money to pay off the credit card, this is what people do on Ebay and on Amazon and is what we have to do on Facebook.

So if we look at everything as you see the cost to get started is extremely low, in fact the only real cost is that 5% fee as long as you have a credit card you're gonna be good because you're gonna be able to fill the orders... get cash back and then be able to pay off that credit card as soon as the money is released to you.