Best 15 Real Ideas For Passive Income in 2021

Hey, in this article i gonna share with you the best 15 real ideas for passive and hobby income. Some of those ideas you may have heard before, but i gonna do a deep dive into some of these ideas, I've done most of them at least half of them.

So i gonna be happy to share with you my experiences in the passive income business, so your income really comes down to the amount of time and energy that you want to spend on some of these ideas. You need to work full time to really increase your earning and have a good passive income. but this is a nice side hustle to do besides your job, which is like they're paying you to have a hobby which is a cool thing to do on the weekends or in the evenings.
before we get started I wanted to point out that sometimes you read these articles and say that's not gonna work! I would encourage you to stop The Fixed Mindset you're supposed to have The Growth Mindset, and a growth mindset is looking to failing as an inevitable step towards success. So enjoy what you do, if you're doing it just for the money it's probably not going to be a very long-term sustainable success plan.

1) RedBubble:

Number 1 in this list of passive income ideas is RedBubbleis basically a worldwide, online marketplace where you can get printed products on demand. If you enjoy designing things digitally you can upload it to the site where you can sell t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, notebooks, stickers, posters... and more. So go on the RedBubble site and try to find a genre that's underutilized, you can go to Google Trends for example and see what's current in the news. Or for example if you're doing a hometown t-shirt, think of all the towns in the world there's got to be hundreds of thousands of cities! so you could have hundreds of thousands of different designs idea.

2) TeePublic:

Number 2 in this list of passive income ideas is TeePublic, it's also an online marketplace where you can get printed products on demand. I like this website a lot it's very easy and intuitive to navigate and the quality of the products are usually pretty good, so again you can design something in Photoshop and then you can upload that PNG file on your TeePublic store, just like RedBubble.
so try to find a niche and start publishing.

3) Merch By Amazon:

Number 2 in this list of passive income ideas is Merch By Amazon. First, you have to apply to Amazon and ask to be part of it, after you gonna be approved, start upload some designs, like RedBubble and TeePublicAmazon is a giant in the industry, so it's just a matter of time before designs start to sell, the biggest strengths of Amazon is the huge traffic! a lot of people trying to buy t-shirts, but you also got a ton of competition especially Chinese competition, there are lots of people who are selling 20 or 30 shirts a day through Amazonyou just need to work really hard and do some research to find that genre that works.

4) Etsy:

Number 4 in this list of passive income ideas is Etsy. it's a great and huge site, so what I'd recommend is that you take a look at successful shops on Etsy, see what's working, and then try to mimic those shops. I'm not suggesting you're stealing ideas! but you're looking at why something is selling? is that a popular idea! is that a funny idea!.. So take a look and do some market research. In Etsy they are physical products, so sellers dropship products or using their own product. 

5) Etsy: Digital Items 

Number 5 in this list of passive income ideas is Etsy again but it's specifically selling Digital Items. This is something that I really love to do because i had some really good success selling digital files on Etsy and these files are generally SVG, DXF, AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, so you can upload a zip file, and then when they pay money they just have access to download that zip file, there's no shipping and no packaging! So this is a great idea for truly passive income.

6) Amazon KDP:

Number 6 in this list of passive income ideas is Amazon again but it's called KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), it's online writing so you write a book, then you upload it to Amazon, and then people can buy physical copies of your book or digital edition. I've written about eight books and i design a nice cover, and I've uploaded them onto Amazon KDP. you can also just design a cover for notebooks with simply lined interieur and publish it, it's so easy to do. 

7) Smashwords:

Number 7 in this list of passive income ideas is Smashwords it's similar to Amazon, it's a digital platform that encompasses many different areas like Amazon and Kobo... So the idea is you create a book and upload the digital file into Smashwords, and then people can purchase an electronic copy of your book. If you enjoy writing and creating books this is definitely a free option where you can throw your books.

8) Printful:

Number 8 in this list of passive income ideas is Printful I've had some success from selling on Etsy using Printfuli really enjoy the printable product and I highly recommend Printful for quality, and also they're pretty cool company to work with. So what you gonna do is upload a design, then you can pick a product like a t-shirt or tank-top... If someone buy it Printful will print it and ship it to the customer. also the customer service on Printful is pretty good.

9) eBay:

Number 9 in this list of passive income ideas is eBay this is one where I'd encourage you to keep an open mind because a lot of people when they see eBay thinks to start pulling anything that's not nailed down and having a big garage sell online! I don't necessarily mean that with eBay you can find a specific niche, for example hobbies and start listing products.

10) Shopify:

Number 10 in this list of passive income ideas is Shopify, basically Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. Shopify is now the leading commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered. You can dropship your product or sell your own in Shopify.

11) Spoonflower:

Number 11 in this list of passive income ideas is Spoonflower, is very similar to Printful where you upload a design. Spoonflower is a custom fabric online marketplace with a great selection of different not only fabrics, but also wallpaper, and gift wrapping paper. Their digital print process uses water-based pigment inks and dyes in a more eco-friendly manner, Their concept is that independent artists/designers can make their designs available for sale at Spoonflower marketplace and receive commissions when the custom repeat pattern fabric is sold.

12) Creative Fabrica:

Number 12 in this list of passive income ideas is CreativeFabrica if you're a digital computer guy you can create SVG, DXF, AI, EPS, PDF, and PNG files, os you can sell them on CreativeFabrica. also they give away a lot of their stuff, like free fonts, free bundles, and free designs... So the idea here is you gonna create an account, and upload your files, then it would be on CreativeFabrica for sale. The idea here is that CreativeFabrica sells yearly subscriptions which give you access to everything on the site. I don't use CreativeFabrica personally to sell things, but i use it to buy things, I also take advantage of a lot of their freebies as well it's a pretty high-quality site.

13) Garage Sales:

Number 13 in this list of passive income ideas is garage sales I'll just talk about my personal experience with them. I sell stuff on eBay and I love going to garage sales, I  guess i enjoy a good garage sale! For me what I usually look is like the picture above, this is not my comic book, I found this picture online but this is cool stuff to sell on eBay. the product that i like is baseball gloves, because it's in demand, and they ship really easily because they don't break when you ship them. So if you're looking for a nice hobby to spend the weekend on, that's it. 

14) eBay: Import

Number 14 in this list of passive income ideas is what i call eBay Import. So when you travel to another country, one of the things you can do is Google-in advance products that are available in that country for cheap, but if you come back home they're expensive. For example, when I was in France i found that they selling some beauty cream and perfume with a high price, but in my countries are very cheap. I'm not suggesting that you set up hundreds of thousands of dollars of import, but what I'm suggesting is if you're in another country grab a couple extra items that you're using bring them back home and you can flip them on eBay.

15) YouTube:

The last idea in this list of passive income ideas is YouTube. There's a huge variety of videos on YouTube but the genre that I recommend is doing help videos, like how to do something. So if you have an idea for a YouTube channel doing it for fun because you can share knowledge and you can also connect with other

people as well, and earn some passive income.

So please tell us which method that you like more? And if you already start one of these ideas let us know?