Facebook vs. Apple! Is This The End of Facebook Ads!

Apple announced a new iOS update that is set to destroy how Facebook tracks people, going through to your website.

So, you can't know exactly what they're interested in, who they're related to, where they go, unless they actually give you permission to do that.
And a lot of people are absolutely freaking out about their Facebook ads, is it going to die? Am I need to find another platform?

I'm going to tell you why you shouldn't be freaking out!, what are the things that are probably going to happen in the next couple of months and into 2021, and how to adapt to the situation, how to grow your business even with this new calamity that's happening.

So first off, this is what it looks like now in the next couple of months :

Apple does roll out this update. When you log into Facebook, in the actual app on mobile, not on the facebook.com website, that's going to be absolutely separate, this is going to be on the App Store. Every single app that is listed on the App Store, will have to show this little prompt, It'll say: “allow Facebook to track your activity across other companies apps and websites?”, with 2 choices: “ask app not to track” or “allow”.

So what people are thinking is that this particular prompt, maybe 60%, 80%, maybe up to 98% of people are going to see this prompt and think: “Hey! I don't want to be tracked everywhere I go!”.

With this movie that came out in Netflix “The Social Dilemma”, a lot of people going to say: “Hey! I don't want to be tracked, These companies are making money off my data, I don't want them to know where I go, what I do”.
And especially other companies outside of Facebook, that are also tracking us.

So, you think that everybody is just going to click, “ask app not to track”! And it's true!. Maybe a lot of people will click, “ask app not to track”, but Facebook is not stupid! Facebook is making it seem like Apple is trying to destroy the internet.
And they're making it seem like Apple is against small businesses.
If you check on their actual website, they made these crazy ads that they put on newspapers and also on the platform, about how Apple is trying to destroy the free internet, and is trying to destroy small businesses.

Right here they're saying, “They're creating a policy that's about profit, not privacy”. And it's saying that these apps that are usually about ads, they place ads in different places to make money, now they're going to have to make subscriptions and pay Apple this money, (So Apple is going to make more money off it), And they're also hurting small businesses who are already struggling in a pandemic. And it shows that they could see a cut of about 60% of website sales from ads, We don't anticipate the changes to cost a full loss of personalization, but rather a move in that direction.
So what Facebook is saying is: “Hey, Apple, you're trying to take all the profit
from all those subscriptions! And instead of those people or in those apps running ads, they're just going to pay Apple, and it's also going to hurt small businesses who can't get that level of personalization that they can with Facebook”.

I think this is absolute hypocrisy. Because, Facebook is not really for small businesses! Facebook is for billion dollar max businesses that are absolutely huge, that have very good connections with Facebook. If you're a small business, you know how absolutely hard it is to not get banned on Facebook, and to get the right actual personalization. If you target a particular type of person, maybe it's on that person, maybe it's slightly different, maybe your targeting is a little bit off. And also conversion tracking, is all over the place. Facebook sometimes misses about 30% of our tracking, of our conversions!
So, it's absolutely crazy that Facebook would go and say, they're hurting small businesses, we are for small businesses!. And they're banning our ad accounts, They are basically not allowing us to track 100% of they're actually telling us that they're going to track, and many other things that they're just not doing right. For example, they limited Facebook page reach for businesses that let's say, they have 100,000 people on their Facebook page and they put a post, only maybe 200 or 500 people see it!.. If you want other people to see it, you have to run ads. So, it's definitely a for-profit model, that they are trying to seem like, “Oh we're just protecting small businesses”.

I think it's absolutely hypocrisy. This really damages my idea of what Facebook stands for concerning small businesses and advertising. But the reality is that Facebook doesn't really care about these small businesses, they care about their revenue. So if small businesses see a 60% dip in their sales and in their profits, Facebook is also going to see a 60% dip in their profit and in their sales. So definitely this is more of a Facebook side, and they're just creating this huge ad campaign and this huge PR campaign to get everybody riled up. I don't think you should be riled up for 3 main reasons:

The first reason:
Let's say that 98% of people, when they see that little prompt and it says, should you allow tracking or not? People say not. So now, they don't have all data from these people, they're going to find a different way to track all those peoples, They're going to find a different way to help you make retargeting audiences, help you make a lookalike audiences, They're going to find a different way to help you find exactly where these people live, and who they're related to, this is Facebook they know data! They have the biggest data centers in the world for people to exactly track what they do! What they are! Who they're interested in! What they're interested in...!
So that businesses can go and pay ads to find those people, don't worry, Facebook will definitely do something about this.

The second reason:
Facebook tracking is already pretty bad. So if you're kind of, your brain is exploding thinking : “Oh I'm not going to be able to retarget my audiences, how am I going to be able to scale my Facebook ads?”
Well, Facebook is already pretty bad at attribution and at conversion tracking.
So if you get like, let's say 100 conversions, probably it's going to be about three off, sometimes it's about 70% difference between real conversions and conversion striked on Facebook, and they've been having this problem for years now. I think if you really want to scale up, and really want to take it to the next level, want to make sure that you're tracking is 100% right, you should get a third party tracking system. For example, there's a few of them, there's Voluum that's the one I personally use, If you're making money, and you're worried about this little update, please don't be, get a real tracking software that actually tracks absolutely everything.

The third reason:
you should use other platforms that are not Facebook, People think when they work in Shopify and Dropshipping, and they want to scale their business, it's 100% Facebook! Yes Facebook is more profitable and easier to scale, you should learn it. But there's many other platforms like YouTube, Google, TikTok ads, Snapchat...
But the one that I particularly like a lot is YouTube ads, because you can get great conversion prices on YouTube Their attribution is better, and you can also combine Google and YouTube in the same account, so, you don't need to have a million different accounts, you can just do Google and YouTube.
I highly recommend you start learning YouTube ads and Google Ads, and start learning all the processes.

In the end, i don't think Facebook is going to absolutely dominate the market share in the next couple of years, and especially with this update, they're going to have an even lower market share. So There're other platforms that are going to come through, and we will have to update and learn them.
So i just think this is massively overblown by Apple and Facebook! They're just try make this huge PR campaign about how you should care about small businesses! When reality, Facebook is actually banning small business accounts!
Unlike other platforms like Google and YouTube, that let you spend as much money as you want without touching your ad account.
So, I definitely think that this is just all for media, and PR and attention.


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