Earn 100$ a Day With Artificial Intelligence | AI Marketing Honest and Full Review

 Artificial intelligence in marketing has made advertising even more effective, and it's done so through predictive targeting. When applied to programmatic advertising, artificial intelligence can regulate campaign metrics, such as the best time of day to run an ad or the likelihood of an impression turning into a sale.

Essentially, AI is a method of learning that enables computers and machines to behave intelligently like a human. So companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Adobe are investing heavily in technologies that automate and anticipate business and home activities.

It was time for me to present to you my opinion about Ai Marketing, an artificial intelligence company, and inb.network website which represents the affiliate part.

A reliable investment company without major risks was requested by many people who wanted to make money on the internet.

With Ai Marketing, everyone (including you) can invest and earn money on the internet without even making a referral. I don't like the term easy money but if you use the right strategies with Ai Marketing, it will really be easy money.

In this detailed review of Ai Marketing and inb.network, you will discover all the advantages and how to properly invest in this artificial intelligence robot.

After so much research on reliable online investment companies, I am finally able to introduce you Ai Marketing, a reliable company in which you can invest and sleep soundly.

What is Ai Marketing?

AI Marketing is an online cashback and advertising company that makes money by funding the Marketbot. It was founded in May 2017 by the company Wexford Alliance Limited it's the parent company of Ai Marketing, registered as 2531493 at 111 Bonham Strand, MW Tower, 7 Floor, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, China.

The company allows you to invest in advertising and earn on average between 25% and 35% of your investment.

You're going to tell me that this is another scam like the others!? But it's surely the opposite, I'll explain to you how the platform works.

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How does Ai Marketing work?

First of all, the company is for 3 types of people:

  • Those who want a discount on their online purchases.
  • those who want to promote their websites in order to sell more.
  • and those who want to have a reliable and guaranteed return on investment.

But what we are most interested in, is the return on investment with Ai Marketing's Marketbot, invest and win.

So you register on the Ai Marketing website with an invitation link, make a minimum investment of $10 and the company proceeds to cashback after 48 hours.

The global product analysis and promotion system (from Ai Marketing) therefore analyzes the trends on social media and the search queries made by Internet users. The results of the analysis are then used to select the keywords and trends that are gaining popularity on a regional level.

So programs/products that match the regional trends are mainly selected, because the platform is connected to cashback programs with many websites, (more than 20000) then the marketing team orders ads based on the trends in a particular region using Google Ad-words, Yandex Direct, social media and other internet advertising platforms.

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After the customers have been attracted by the advertisement, they purchase a product or service, the cashback program operator informs Ai Marketing of the cashback via the API that links them and an accumulation with the status "Pending" appears in your personal account.

If the cashback program operator confirms a purchase (if the customer does not request a refund or return of the purchased ticket or product for example), Ai Marketing receives the cashback and you get 55% of the cashback amount while the Ai Marketing website gets 45%.

The time to confirm the cashback depends on the cashback program and can take from 16 to 60 days. The amount of cashback you receive is displayed in the "Cashback" account.

The 45% cashback received by Ai Marketing is primarily the company's revenue. These funds are used to cover Ai Marketing's operational activities (maintenance, upgrades, etc.) and to support the MarketBot Protect fund.

 This is an example of how the company sell? and how pays you the cashback?

As the vacations approach, the most searched keywords are "cheap ticket", "book a hotel" and "cheaper products". Ai Marketing's analytics system detects that these keywords are popular. then the Artificial Intelligence select cashback programs from websites in the sector of these searches like OneTwoTrip, Booking, Teztour in the travel field. Then order massive advertising in the selected areas.

Once the customers have made purchases, the accumulated amounts appear on your account as "Pending" in the "Sales" section of your account. After the cashback is confirmed by the cashback program operator, the money is received in the "Cashback" account and you can withdraw it from there.

Don't worry if the explanation is still a bit complicated, you will understand everything before you finish reading this article. 

Now we will see the different possibilities you have to earn money with Ai Marketing, which is for me the industry of the future.

How to make money with the Ai Marketing?

The main ways to make money with Ai Marketing are :

 Investing in advertising with the Marketbot:

The Marketbot is an intelligent robot that suggests trendy products for the persons (the internet users) who is searching on the internet, it's just like you see the videos that youtube recommends next to you when you are watching a video, you often end up watching a new video recommended by youtube right?

So it's the same thing with Ai marketing, in most cases people end up buying a product recommended by the Ai marketing Marketbot.

So you make an investment of at least 10$ in this Marketbot and it does the advertising for you.

The average cashback you receive varies between 25% and 35% of your investment, but there are those who earn up to 60% or even more per month.

Every day the company takes a portion of your investment and advertises for you, and the purchases you make earn you cashback that same day.

As I explained in the company's operation, you earn 55% of the cashback received and the other 45% goes to the company.

 Buying your products online:

Many people order 80% of things they buy from online stores, that's why there are platforms like Igraal.com that allow you to get a share of the total amount from the purchase. So you can do the same thing with Ai Marketing by logging into your back office and accessing the partner sites.

These discounts depend on the percentage offered by the partner site (the merchant site).

 Referring others:

There is an affiliate program at Ai Marketing, when you refer friends, you will receive 5% of their purchases and their deposit.

Through this program, you can make a career at Ai Marketing by getting bonuses ranging from $100 to $50,000.

Ai Marketing registration - How to register?

 The Ai Marketing registration is done in 5 small steps:

1- Click on this link which will open in a new window.

2- To get your 50$ gift directly, go below and click on GET USD50 ADVERTISING BUDGET!.

3- click on the "brain" blue logo on the left (it's important if you want 50$ gift).

4- Click on REGISTER NOW.

5- Fill in your information then click REGISTER.

And your registration is complete, you just have to confirm your email address by clicking on the link you received from the company.

If you are registered with SIGN IN | SIGN UP bouton you need to add your free $50 gift certificate manually. (Read the next step) 

How do you add funds to the Marketbot?

After completing registration, Sign-in and check the Ad balance to see if your $50 gift certificate has been activated. 

If not, click on the Menu go to Top up Then, on the payment methods column, select the Gift Certificate just below the Visa/Mastercard/Maestro logo, then copy and paste this code ZM1N-PHLO-UJ65-LTU1 to activate the 50$ on your account.

Then you can add funds starting from $10, through different options (Visa/Mastercard/Maestro, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer, Apple pay....).

I recommend investing at least $100 or $200 to ensure a slightly higher return!

How do I withdraw my Ai Marketing earnings?

The same ways used to deposit on the Marketbot, are the same ways to withdrawals on the platform.

So you can withdraw money by your bank card (Visa, Mastercard) by Bitcoin, Etherum, Apple pay, Perfect Money, Payeer...

Please note that the first withdrawal requires a minimum amount of $100 when using the gift certificate ($50 offered), After that, you can make withdrawals starting from $10 or any other amount at any time.