Top 10 Winning Products To Sell In February (Shopify Dropshipping 2021)

 I'm going to be sharing with you the top 10 winning products and the most viral products that you need to be selling this February and Q1, also am going to be revealing the Facebook ad for this product and showing you the price on the competitor's website and giving you 5 Facebook interests that you can go out and target today.

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1) Transparent Mask:

The product number 1 is the mask that basically goes over your entire face, and it doesn't actually cover your eyes, it's a problem-solving product and is blowing up right now.

Facebook ad engagement : +12000 likes, +1800 comments

Sold for : 14.99$

AliExpress price : 4.19$ + free shipping

Profit margin : 10.80$

You're literally able to 3X the product cost so this is a really good product to start advertising with.

Facebook interests: -Parents- -Grandparent- -Retirement- -Old age- -Baby boomer- Those are super relevant audiences all targeting people that would absolutely love this mask so definitely don't skip this product go out and test it today.

2) Household Polishing:

The product number 2 has been going absolutely viral, it's wax that you put on your floor for turns old wood into something absolutely beautiful, so you can see how wide of a demographic this product is.

Facebook ad engagement : 87000 likes, 10000 comments

Sold for : 16.99$

AliExpress price : 3.13$ + free shipping

Profit margin :13.86$

There's an absolutely massive profit margin on this product so i really love this product.

Facebook interests: -Home Improvement- -Renovation- -Do it Yourself (DIY)- -Home- -Real Estate- So those are five audiences that would absolutely love this product.

3) One Handed Electric Saw:

The product number 3 is really unique it's the one-handed electric saw and the selling proposition of this product is you don't have to use huge axes you can have this little product and it basically does all the work, so i think this is a really cool product.

Facebook ad engagement : 5300 likes, 1300 comments

Sold for : 87.99$

AliExpress price : 39.59$ + free shipping

Profit margin :48.40$

This product is definitely about to go viral, it's a little bit high ticket with a good margin, I think this product has huge potential.

Facebook interests: -Landscape- -Landscaping- -Garden- -Gardening- -Backyard- those 5 are super relevant audiences, all are targeting people that would love this product, so test it today.

4) Auto Steering Wheel Desk:

The product number 4 is a little bit odd product it's tray that you stick on your steering wheel, and maybe this isn't a product i would buy it's been absolutely going viral.

Facebook ad engagement : 9200 likes, 2600 comments

Sold for : 35.99$

AliExpress price : 4.79$ + 11.28$ shipping

Profit margin :20$

I love the profit margin, i'm sure if you reached out to the supplier you could negotiate a cheaper shipping charge, i really think this is a super viable product.

Facebook interests: -Used Cars- -Suvs- -Family Cars- -Toyota- -Honda- So those are five audiences with people that would absolutely love this product.

5) Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel:

The product number 5 has gone viral multiple times, it's the multi-purpose shovel, it can act as a hammer or an axe or a spear and it can do a bunch of really cool things.

Facebook ad engagement : 3000 likes, 380 comments

Sold for : 73.97$

AliExpress price : 28.99$ + free shipping

Profit margin :45$

So this is definitely a product that you can improve upon quite easily, and it has a big profit margin that's before any negotiations or private labeling.

Facebook interests: -Hunting- -Outdoor Life- -Outdoor Recreation- -Bass pro Shop- -Cabela's- Those are five super relevant audiences for this multi-purpose shovel.

6) Car Scratch Repair Kit:

The product number 6 pretty much sells itself, basically what the product do is when someone scratching up their car, just putting a little bit of ointment on and all the scratches are miraculously gone! which is just absolutely insane.

Facebook ad engagement : 6200 likes, 2800 comments

Sold for : 13.97$

AliExpress price : 1.92$ + free shipping

Profit margin :12.05$

is absolutely insane because they're selling this product for 14$ which means they're almost making 7 times! one thing that i recommend for you is offering multiple variants of this, in this example, they're only offering it in one pack, so do it in a 2 or 3 or 4 pack like some of the other competitors i was showing you before are doing, it's definitely a super cool product and it's an amazing problem-solving.

Facebook interests: -Vehicles- -Used Cars- -Family Cars- -Luxury Automobile- -Automobile Repair Shop- So those are 5 super relevant audiences that you can go out and target on Facebook.

7) Nail Extension Kit:

The roduct number 7 is the perfect type of product that's advertised successfully during quarantine, it's the nail extension kit, so they give you all of the tools to do your nails on your own, so i think this is a good solution for people who don't want to go outside and want to save some money.

Facebook ad engagement : 14000 likes, 3500 comments

Sold for : 59.90$

AliExpress price : 15.25$ - 34.81 + free shipping

Profit margin :15 $

Is a really cool product that's going to be advertised to a super wide demographic.

Facebook interests: -Nail Salon- -Nail Polish- -Manicure- -nail art- -pedicure- those are 5 super relevant audiences that target people who gonna love this nail product, so test it today.

8) Ultimate Drill Bits:

The product number 8 is a miracle worker, what this product do is drilling through steel plates, tiles, glass and concrete... So this is an amazing product it just drills through anything, and it's absolutely blown up on Facebook.

Facebook ad engagement : 34000 likes, 1900 comments

Sold for : 21.97$

AliExpress price : 7.65$ + 1.55$ shipping

Profit margin :13$

The profit margin on this product it's not the highest profit on this list but nonetheless, it's still a super viable product.

Facebook interests: -Handyman- -Construction Worker- -Home Improvement- -Do it Yourself (diy)- -Lowes- Those are 5 super relevant audiences that target people that gonna love this drill.

9) Portable Ab Rollers Home Equipment:

The product number nine is another product that blew up during quarantine, it's a suction cup thing that you can stick on the floors and you can do different ab exercises with it, so i think this is a really cool product that's almost essential for anyone who does work out at their home.

Facebook ad engagement : 1900 likes, 555 comments

Sold for : 44.95$

AliExpress price : 15.99$ + free shipping

Profit margin :29$

The profit margin on this product is high, so this is a really cool product.

Facebook interests: -Planet Fitness- -Anytime Fitness- -Physical Exercise- -Health and Wellness- -24 Hour Fitness- Those are 5 super relevant audiences that will get this product absolutely flying off the shelf.

10) Rose Led Lamp:

The product number 10 unfortunately i couldn't find the Facebook ad for it, but i've been seeing numerous Facebook ads that are blowing up for this product, because valentine's day is literally right around the corner, so the product is a rose that has some led lights in it, this is a really cool product, if you wanna sell a product for valentine's day this gonna be a really good option, The price in AliExpress is 11.99$. One thing that i definitely recommend is that you look for a supplier with us shipping because the logistics might be difficult to get it to them in time.

Facebook interests: -Valentine's Day- -Married- -In a Relationship- -Falling in Love- -Anniversary- So that was my top 10 products to be selling this February and Q1. 

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