Best Email Marketing Software In 2121

 In this article we're gonna talk about the 5 best email marketing softwares that are currently available.

Choosing the wrong email marketing platform for your business can mean a ton of work down the line when you realized that you didn't choose the right one. So make sure you read this entire article because I'm gonna be covering everything that you need to know about the 5 best email marketing softwares, so you can make a decision and choose the right one for your specific business.

1) GetResponse :

The first email marketing software that we're gonna take a look at is GetResponse.

This is the email marketing software that I personally use right now, and I also like to recommend to you. You can actually use it as an all-in-one marketing platform because there are features like a landing page builder, a funnel builder, and a webinar solution, so I decided to go with GetResponse because they have an awesome automation tool, they have great support, and they have more tools and most other email marketing providers while at the same time being one of the cheapest options. What I use most in GetResponse is their email automation workflow feature that you can use to visually build your email sequences.

I've been using it for quite some time now and I still discover new ways how I can optimize my workflows with tags, scoring and segmentation so like that I can send people down different ways depending on how to interact with my emails, That way I can make sure that I send people emails that they're actually interested in, which increases my open rates and also helps with getting in the inbox instead of the spam folder. I also really liked their drag and drop editor, which makes it really easy to create landing pages and create emails.

Another reason I decided to go with GetResponse is because they don't really have any restrictions when it comes to affiliate marketing. So if you're an affiliate marker and you wanna promote affiliate products to your audience, to your email subscribers, GetResponse is a good choice. They have a 30 day free trial so you can actually try out all the different features of GetResponse for one month for free before deciding on a paid plan. And just like with most other email marketing softwares, the price you pay per month will depend on how many contacts you have. So the more contacts you have on your list, the higher the price will be. The basic plan of GetResponse starts at $15 per month, it includes basic email marketing, so newsletters, autoresponders, and landing pages.

I currently have the plus plan, which starts at $49 per month because it also includes the email automation workflow feature that I use to visually build my email sequences.

So like I said, GetResponse is What I personally use right now, and I also like to recommend it to people because it's very easy to use and it has a ton of great features for a very good price. So if you decide to go with GetResponse for your email marketing solution, Click Here.

2) ActiveCampaign :

And other great email marketing software is ActiveCampaign.

I see many marketers use the software and they all seem to be very happy with it.

When it comes to email automation workflows based on user behavior, ActiveCampaign is probably the best tool right now.

Just like GetResponse, they also have a visual email automation workflow builderwith tons of segmentation possibilities based on behavior actions, social data or location. Another highlight of this platform is that you can actually send out text messages through ActiveCampaign when you have captured the phone numbers of your contacts. ActiveCampaign also gets a lot of good reviews when it comes to deliverability of their email servers, Having a good deliverability means that your emails will actually be seen by your subscribers because they will actually be delivered in the inbox. That's probably the most important aspect of email marketing because when nobody finds your emails, it doesn't really matter how good your emails actually are.

ActiveCampaign currently offers a 14 day free trial to test out their service before choosing a paid plan. Their service is generally a bit more expensive than the other email marketing providers, but compared to GetResponse, you already gets the email automation workflow feature at their cheapest plan with the core features.

So I would recommend ActiveCampaign to people who have already some experience with email marketing, and they want to build complex automations with a lot of segmentation options. Personally, I might switch to ActiveCampaign in the future when at some point I can't do something with GetResponse in my email automations that I can only do with ActiveCampaign, but so far that moment hasn't come yet, so I'm still sticking to GetResponse.

3) ConvertKit :

The next email marketing software is ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is actually very popular among bloggers. You can see on their website that their targeted audience are creators: bloggers, YouTubers or influencers. Their service is very easy to use, They're known for having a very good support, and they also come with a landing page builder and an email automation workflow builder. Compared to GetResponse and ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit might be a little bit easier to use but it doesn't come with as many advanced features like in-depth reporting and it doesn't have as many design templates.

They are a relatively new company dose, so I assume they will continue to add new features in the coming years and keep on improving. So if you're looking for an easy to use service and all you wanna do is send out simple text emails. ConvertKit might be the right choice for you, they have a free plan for up to 500 contacts and very basic email marketing, and then they have a prepaid plan with all their features starting at $29 per month for up to 1000 subscribers. And again, like with most other providers, the more contact to actually have on your list, the more expensive to plan becomes.

By the way, let me know in the comment section if you're a beginner to starting email marketing or if you've advanced and you're just looking for a new email marketing provider.

4) Sendinblue :

Next up on the list is a platform called Sendinblue.

This is a relatively new company with very affordable prices and a very attractive free plan and what's kind of special about them is that they actually charge for the amount of emails you send out as opposed to the number of contacts who have, like most other email marketing providers do. So with the free plan, you can send out up to 300 emails per day, which is okay if you don't have many contacts. When you wanna get rid of their daily sending limit, you can upgrade to their light plan for $25 per month, which is said to add a new limit of 40,000 emails per month. And with Sendinblue you get all the standard features like email automation, landing pages, and sign up forms. And just like in ActiveCampaign, you can even send out text messages to your contacts.

Because of their special pricing this might be a good option for you if you don't plan to send out many emails, but you still have a lot of subscribers. for example, if all you wanna do is send out a weekly newsletter to 10,000 email subscribers, then you can actually do that with $25 per month plan in SendinblueBut if you wanted to do that with GetResponse or ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit, you would have to pay more like $100 per month to have 10,000 contacts.

So in my opinion, Sendinblue is a good option if you're on a lower budget, but you still wanna get some advanced features like automation, segmentation, or personalized emails. If you want their landing page will have to upgrade at least to your premium plan, which is $66 per month. So if you absolutely need a landing page builder within your email marketing software, then I recommend going with one of the other four options in this article.

5) MailerLite :

Let's move onto the final email marketing software on the list, which is MailerLite.

So this might be the best option for you, If you're a beginner and you don't have a lot of money to spend, or you don't have any money to spend at all, and you just looking for a very easy to use and simple email marketing tool, and you don't really care about complex automations, they actually have a completely free plan allowing you to use almost all the features of MailerLite as long as you stay below 1000 contacts and below 12,000 emails per month. And once your list grows over 1000 subscribers, they're probably still the cheapest option around.

So, what you get is basic email marketing, landing pages and web forms along with some templates for those tools. And What you don't get with MailerLite is advanced email automation, and they also do like some features like advanced reporting, spam checking or advanced segmentation. Also, if you're on their free plan, you don't get access to their 24/7 live chat support. But again, I think this is a very good option for beginners who just wanna send out simple autoresponders and build simple landing pages and they don't have a big budget or no budget at all.

So those are in my opinion, the five best in the marketing softwares that are currently available.