How to Find 7-figure Dropshipping Winning Products Using Adspy

In this article I will show you how to search for wining products using Adspy.

What Is ADSPY?

Basically is the biggest Spy program for Facebook ads used by drop-shippers. I tried almost all spy programs for Facebook ads, But the Adspy is like really the best one and the oldest one and has the biggest database! With Adspy you can search for your competitor stores and spy on theire ads, you can see what was working for drop-shippers, for example in 2018 or 2019 or for this month or for today... so that's how you can use Adspy.

Why You Must Use ADSPY ?

I'm looking every day for new products, or old products and trying to take them back and relaunched them. So if you are a drop-shipper sure you gonna need this platform in your business! I like it because it's so easy to navigate it's comparable to those other platforms, you can really search what you want, and it's not complicated.

Example Of Search :

So let me just show you an example of search. I gonna select Shopify because most people basically use it, and select Facebook And select video, Sometimes when I want to be like more specific i gonna write “Get it now”, I gonna sorted them by number of Share.

You see for example if the ad has more than 300000 so it was actually selling. 
So if you want to have some inspiration for what others drop-shippers do in there e-commerce stores, Adspy is actually great! And you can see in order what is working. And you can click on any ad to see the page and even see their ads on Facebook. And you can also see what kind of people they are targeting! And see the most important thing is the age groups, because usually when you are targeting both genders, you don't care about females or males, I don't think that's a good idea you must separate this two in your ad campaign, and you can see buyers targeting people from 60 to 70 years old this is also an inspiration for your campaign, so you can for example create some ads and start just with people 65+ or 60+...

My Strategy :

So what I'm doing is checking the products that are super popular in the same month last year and try it for this month. For example, you can go to 2019 and see what product is popular and in October then try to sell it in October 2020, there's a huge chance for this product to work very well in your e-commerce sore, Because Adspy has old database.
So again we are searching for products in Shopify stores promoted on Facebook with video then select October 2019, I will sort it again on Share, you gonna see the most popular product during this month:

This is a good idea. You probably already seen those products before, and maybe you are not in drop-shipping business in 2019 or 2018, so you can actually see some trends that better working by the time. But you need to be careful about what are launching because some of these brands are just not good. So focus on smaller products that are easy to pack-up, Basically you can scroll and take all your time for finding the best products to sell in this period in your drop-shipping store, this is a big part of the cake. That's actually works and made a lot of people very rich, so you should definitely try this method, and you can try other keywords (replace “get it now”). For example if you have store about cars just write “car” in the keyword box, and they will show you everything that was working in cars niche, you can find inspiration for every niche, so you can just test, at least you will know that you are testing products that was working at some point of time, and there is a drop-shipper made a lot of money from these items, and know actually what exactly working in the period that you selected, and also you can see what kind of ad copy work, and the targeting and everything.... 

Conclusion :

Adspy is probably the best platform for products research for the drop-shipping business, and you will get everything you need in your as drop-shipper.
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